The Australian Driver Trainers Association (Victoria) Inc has a long and proud history dating back to the 1950s. The first meeting took place on 23rd November 1950 with 48 motor school proprietors. The Association’s name started as the Motor Schools Association and became the Victorian Motor Schools Association soon after to acknowledge its location and primary focus. The original Association was established for proprietors of driving schools. This changed in 1967 to enable individual instructors to sign up as members.

In 1994, the VMSA restructured and relaunched under its new name, the Accredited Driver Trainers Association of Victoria. After the amalgamation of Victoria’s three driver training associations in the late 1990s, the Professional Driver Trainers Association was formed, becoming the current Australian Driver Trainers Association (Victoria) Inc soon after (known as ADTAV). The purpose of the amalgamation was to create one united association, having greater influence in the industry and therefore better outcomes for members.

Although there have been several name changes, the core focus of the Association over the years has remained the same…to improve the standard of driver training in Victoria and better the conditions in the industry for its members.

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