Being a driving instructor looks easy and enjoyable – and for many it is.  It can be a very rewarding occupation, as you will be helping people to be safer drivers on our roads.  However, instructors also face many challenges.  Have you considered the pros and cons of becoming an instructor?


  • You will be helping people be safer drivers.
  • You can control when and how much you work.
  • You will meet lots of people.
  • You will not be stuck at the one workplace.


  • You need to provide and look after your own vehicle (inc. paying for your own insurance).
  • You will need to market yourself to get students (unless you become a contract driver for another school).
  • You will need to keep up to date with road law.
  • You will generally be busiest during university and school holiday times.
  • Competition amongst instructors is limiting how much they can charge for lessons.
  • Petrol costs are high.

So before becoming an instructor you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I passionate about road safety?
  2. Do I mind being on the road every day?
  3. Do I enjoy teaching and coaching people?
  4. Am I confident you will be able to find students and build my business?
  5. Can I afford a vehicle and the associated costs (inc. insurance and having dual controls installed)?
  6. Am I aware how many driving schools there are in my area and what rates they are charging for lessons?
  7. Do I have sufficient cash reserves to cover the start up period when I will not be busy?

The ADTAV hopes this will help you confirm whether or not becoming a driving instructor is for you.

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