Notice to Members,

The Association is endeavouring to pass on the correct advice regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 health crisis.  We are aware of the information being presented by the Premier’s Office and the CPVV.

One of our roles is to represent you, a valued member of the ADTAV.  Many of you will now be aware that the Keys2Drive, L2P and RoadSmart programs have all suspended training and most of you have as well. Unfortunately, there are still those questioning our recommendations and sad to say, there are unscrupulous trainers who are still advertising their availability at this time.  Not only has general driver training continued by some but we have been made aware of our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly, still being trained for assessments.  VicRoads Medical Review are offering extensions of time as long as the applicant contacts them.

In good conscience, the Association could not wait for the regulators to respond to our inquiries.  We needed to be on the front foot!  We have spoken to our Insurance company and have been advised that it is extremely unlikely that a claim will be successful under the current health crisis.

We as Professional Driver Trainers have a DUTY of CARE to the community – STOP TRAINING!


ADTAV Council