The President and Secretary have had several meetings with Government, the Department of Transport and the TAC in recent weeks.

Last week a successful meeting was held at Spring St, Melbourne. The new Executive Director Road Safety Victoria, Carl Muller was introduced to us.

Several items were discussed, one being the privatisation of VicRoads. We were informed that VicRoads is a brand of the Department of Transport. A review has been undertaken since the changes to their departments and shortly the outcome of the review will be released.

Unfortunately, there is an enormous amount of misinformation doing the rounds and some Driver Trainers are adding to that misinformation. It is business as usual until we are advised otherwise.

On a separate matter VicRoads has released some information for us to share with you. There is a Computer Licence Test upgrade being rolled out across the Customer Service Centres (CSCs). Pilots have been and are being conducted at Deer Park, Carlton and Dromana during this month, February.

The VicRoads website will be updated with new content and learners will be able to practice for the updated hazard perception test (HPT) once the new system has been rolled out to all CSCs. This will occur throughout March 2020. Local CSC Managers may be able to offer sessions to the local Driver Trainers to practice the HPT.

From the ADTAV Council.